Lost and Found Pets

Lost and Found Pets

A few months ago, I told you about Jordi, the little lost cat who appeared one day in our yard and didn’t leave. The thing is: he never left. Not only did he never leave, but he also started hanging out on our deck from morning until night, sunning himself and waiting for me to feed him. He would let me get closer and closer to him, but he never let me pet him. With the rainy, colder season coming upon us, and the sound of coyotes howling at night, I decided it was time to try to bring this cat in and give him a true home.

A Feral Cat or a Stray Cat?

Even though he wouldn’t let me touch him, there was something about Jordi that made me believe he was not a feral cat: that somewhere in there was a sweet guy who just needed some love. So what, exactly, is the difference between a feral and stray cat? A feral cat is born in the wild to other feral cats and must learn to survive life outside. Feral cats usually belong to a colony of cats, so they’re never really entirely on their own. A stray cat is a domesticated cat who has lost his or her way and has had to adjust to life on his own. Since Jordi didn’t seem to be hanging out with any other cats, it seemed like he was totally on his own. We borrowed another humane trap, and four days later, he was living in our bathroom.

From Lost Pet to Found Pet

At first he was very scared. He’d let us pet him, and then he’d freak out and lash out. I’ve got a few scars from those days, and with each new scratch, I began to question my instincts about Jordi. But somewhere along the way, he left his survival instincts behind him and became the sweet guy I knew he was. He’s still not quite a lap cat, but he loves a good backrub and playing with our other cat, Hector. He had truly found a home.

And a Lost Dog?

That’s when the tiny Yorkie appeared in front of my house, almost running into the traffic on our rather busy street. No collar, no chip, and sweet as pie, I suddenly found myself with another lost pet. Apparently, someone is telling all the lost pets to go talk to the lady in the red house. This little dog looked like she was already someone else’s pet, and I knew that with a dog and two cats already, this dog couldn’t have found a new home with us. However, there was no way I could let her back out on the streets or into the city shelter. After much posting on social media, it turns out the best way to find a lost dog’s home is a good old-fashioned flyer. Within a couple of hours, a lost dog was home again.

Lost Again…

And that’s when Jordi decided to slink through an open door and go outside again. He was quite happy inside, and I don’t think he intended to get lost again, but something about being outside made him revert back to his stray cat ways. It was cold and it was raining, and he refused to come back in. My heart was broken. Even though he stayed around the yard, I thought we had lost him for good to his stray cat life.

…And Found Again

But it didn’t last for long. At the very moment I thought he would never come back into the house, he did. And an hour later, he was his most lovable, happy self. Since then, he likes to look outside at passing birds, but whenever we go near a door, he runs in the other direction. I think this lost cat is here to stay.

Taking in a Lost Pet

Taking in a lost pet is not for everybody. Getting Jordi re-acclimated to a domesticated life took a lot of patience, some tears, and, like a said, a few scars. Originally I had wanted to adopt a girl kitten from a local rescue, but this guy found his way into our lives. He chose us. And now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.