Handmade with Heart

Your one-of-a-kind pet deserves a one-of-kind pet memorial. It's why the majority of the products in Chloe's House are handmade, either by myself or a handpicked artisan. If it's not handmade, it still has elements that allow you to personalize it and make it your own. We like to say it's handmade with heart.

Pet Memorial Jewelry

All jewelry is made to order (with the exception of the leather products), and any stamping is done by hand. Whenever possible, all components are rose gold filled, gold filled, or sterling silver.

Why gold filled? Gold filled has more actual gold in it, and the gold alloy layers are bonded to the surface by heat and pressure. This makes it more tarnish resistant and more able to withstand daily wear. Gold plated jewelry has a much thinner layer of gold and is more likely to rub off. On occasion, some of the charms are only available as gold plated or rhodium plated, but each product has been tested for wearability and longevity, and with the right care, should last a long time. Solid gold, on the other hand, would make these pieces much more expensive, and our goal is to to keep the quality high while keeping the jewelry affordable. 

To keep your jewelry looking shiny and tarnish-free, we recommend taking jewelry off when swimming or showering, and wiping occasionally with a jewelry polishing cloth. We also recommend taking off your jewelry during vigorous activity.

Jewelry Repair Policy

If your jewelry is damaged during shipping or through no fault of your own, we can typically repair it for the cost of shipping to us, which is usually around $3 via USPS First Class mail. Please contact the store at to begin the repair process, including photos of the issue. If you have altered the item in any way, this repair policy does not apply.

Pet Urns

All urns are handmade by other artisans (with the exception of the Messages of Love urns), and because they are handmade, each piece is unique and will have variations. We do not recommend putting any of the urns in dishwashers. If you would like to wash the urn before using it, please hand wash it.

Also, please be sure to read the details of each urn for both size and capacity as each urn does vary. If an urn is listed as a keepsake urn, it means it will only hold a small amount of ashes: These are usually best for those who wish to keep a small amount of ashes and spread the rest in your pet's favorite place.


When you receive your succulent, you may need to add some loose soil, then please place it in sunlight and give it some water. 

Do not over water! Succulents need to dry out before watering again. They prefer well-draining soil and lots of sunlight, and are very easy to care for. Though quite hardy, if you live in an area that reaches freezing temperatures in the winter, you may need to bring inside until it warms up again.