The Loss of a Best Friend

Chloe and me. Me and Chloe. That’s the way it was for 15 years. She comforted me when I was sad. I took care of her when she was sick. And I’m pretty sure she chose my husband for me, but that’s another story. The loss of a best friend is devastating, and losing Chloe was definitely devastating. But I wanted to remember her with joy and with all of the love she brought to my life.

The thing is, I couldn’t find that joy or love in any of the pet urns or pet memorial jewelry that I found. The urns were sad and somber. The jewelry wasn’t my style or lacked the quality I was looking for. Yes, I was sad, but my life with Chloe was not.

And so, out of her death, an idea was born. A place where people could find comfort and remember their best friend with love and warmth. A place where the products are simple and modern and joyful. Where quality and affordability go hand-in-hand. Where every item is either handmade, handpicked, or hand stamped with heart. I knew this place could have only one name, and that name is Chloe’s House.

Here you will find pet memorials that remind you of the happiest moments with your cherished pet. You’ll find jewelry you’ll want to wear every day and urns that have warmth and personality.

I think Chloe would be proud to invite you in.

So, join us in Chloe’s House: Where Love + Memories Live.